Rental conditions

Rental period: The rental period is at the latest until 5 PM.

Identification: Identification is required.

Lock the bike: The renter should always lock the bike.

One person only: It is strictly forbidden to place two people on one bike (tandem excluded).

Not on the beach: It is strictly prohibited to use the bike on the beach.

Loss of the key: In case of loss of the bike key, we will charge €30,00.

Carefully: The lessee will treat the bike with care.

Theft: In case of theft, the lessee is responsible for the current value of the bike (the rent not included).

Damage to third party: The lessee bears full liability for the damage caused to third parties.

Receive and deliver: The lessee shall be deemed to receive the rented bicycle in good condition. The lessor is deemed to deliver the bike in good condition.

Liability: Therefore, the tenant is liable for damages to the rented bike and will compensate the repair cost or replacement of the damaged parts if necessary.

Alleged abuse: Rent a Bike is at all times entitled to confiscate the rented in suspicion of alleged abuse.

Early return: Whenever the bike will be returned earlier than agreed, full rent will remain valid.

Carefree on the road: Carefree cycling for only 16% of the total rental price!
View the insurance conditions.

Copy of declaration: In case of theft, the lessee should always report this themselves to the police. Rent-a-Bike van Dam should receive a copy of declaration from the lessee.
The Carefree on the road package only applies if you return the key at Rent-a-Bike van Dam.

Own risk: The use of our bikes is at own risk. Taking part in a cycling tour is at own risk.

Cancel reservations: Our cancellation policy applies:
up to 24 hours in advance: cancellation fee € 2,50
less than 24 hours: 100% will be charged.

Rent-a-Bike van Dam App: View here the rental conditions for the use of our bicycles with the Rent-a-Bike van Dam application.

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