Rent a tandem: Pleasure for two!

Regular, electric or with a child? We offer different options for tandems.

With two at the same time and on the same bike on the road

How well do you know each other? How strong can you really rely on each other? How perfect is your cycle ability in comparison to your fellow rider in a completely new situation? Always wanted to know how the relation between you two exactly is. Rent a tandem and discover what you didn’t know about the other. There are different options: a regular tandem, an electric tandem, an adult-child tandem (share a tandem as an adult with a child) and an electric adult-child tandem. It already starts by getting on the bike, because if you wouldn’t do this at the same time, you can’t get forward for one bit. Once this step has been succeeded, then the cycle adventure begins.

Being together responsible for getting forward has never been this entertaining! Point the other at things you might have missed when you were cycling alone. Deliberate on time about the continuation of your ride, so that the person in the back won’t be surprised by the reaction of the person in the front.  Laugh when you are clumsy taking a turn or performing a complicated manoeuvre. Enjoy the attractive surroundings and the hopefully admiring (or not) looks of your fellow road users. Find out that everything is okay with your trust in each other, and that you can take on the world together. Duin- en Bollenstreek, here we come!

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