Rent a cargo bike: nothing beats a cargo bike

No space issues with one of our cargo bikes.

A cargo bike: not just something

While on your way to our bike rental you already start worrying. On one arm a grocery bag is swinging and with the other you are holding your child on tight. Whose idea was it again to make a bike tour? That one certainly didn’t take in consideration that you could have a bag or a child or both with you. You are directly noticed when approaching our bike rental location. Our friendly employee walks towards you and understands immediately how to help you.

After a short and advising conversation it suddenly stands there: a cargo bike, maybe even an electric one. The worries where you could place your child or shopping bag have disappeared like some kind of magical spell. This is the solution! After everything is put in place you start riding happily. And soon you will find out that you are not the only one in the world that is using a bike like this. How was it again? If your child has fun, then you do too! He enjoys completely everything that is happening around him. Different kinds of birds that are flying over, colourful bulb fields that are blossoming, the sometimes powerful wind playing with the trees and the overwhelming sound  of an airplane. Although it as a beginner requires some steersmanship, that doesn’t match the comfort of a cargo bike. Your holiday feeling has already started at the moment you chose for this bike!

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