Answers to general questions

  • What are the costs?

    It depends on what kind of bike you rent, for how long and whether you take out insurance. Please check the prices here.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    We do not work with a deposit. Always bring an ID with you.
  • What happens if I return tmy bike after closing hours?

    f you tell us in advance that you will return your bike after 6 PM, this should not be a problem. Please contact us by phone at +31(0)252251144 to inform us about your delay. When you don’t contact us before closing time, we have to charge an extra day.
  • Can I book a guide?

    On request, it is possible to book a personal guide to discover the bulb region. The costs per guide are: € 75 per hour, € 150 per 2 hours, each extra hour € 75. A minimum amount of € 150 applies for renting a guide (or guides).
  • Is it possible to return the bike at another location?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to return your bike at another location. If you may do so, we will charge € 25.
  • What are your general rental conditions?

    Look here for our general rental conditons.
  • Can I extend my rental period?

    That’s usually not a problem. Please swing by our shop.
  • Do I get a discount if I rent a bike for a longer period?

    Yes, with a rent of more than 21 days 20%, more than 42 days 40% and for more than 63 days 50%. Please contact us for a booking of this kind.
  • What are the cancellation conditions?

    Of course, it can always happen that you are unavoidably prevented or the weather is very bad. Therefore always keep an eye on the weather forecasts. If you want to change the date or cancel anyway our cancellation policy applies
  • Bikes

    Answers to everything about our bikes

  • What kind of bikes do you have available?

    We work with different brands. Most bikes are from Batavus but we also have bikes from Sparta & Pointer. The tandems are from Onderwater and the e-bikes from Qwic.
  • Do you rent out kick-scooters?

    Yes, we also rent out kick-scooters. Book your kick-scooter now.
  • Do you rent out e-bikes?

    Yes, we rent out e-bikes from the brand Qwic. Book your e-bike now.
  • Do you rent out kid trailers and child seats?

    Yes, we also have child trailers and child seats. Note: child trailers or child seats are only possible in combination with a bike. Book your kid trailer or child seat now.
    kids from 1 to 4 years
    child seat max. 25 kg
    child trailer max 60 kg
  • Do you rent out mountainbikes?

    Yes, we also rent out mountainbikes. Book your maintainbike now.
  • Do you rent out bikes for children?

    Yes, we also have children’s bikes. We have children’s bicycles from 20 ” until 26 ”.It is also possible to rent children seats, cargo bikes and child trailers. So there are many ways to bring your kids! Book your children’s bike here.
  • Can you go with two people on one bike?

    That is only possible on bikes which are made for 2 people, as a tandem. It is not allowed to share a regular bike with two people unless this concerns a child seat. Book your tandem now.
  • Damage and theft

    Answers to all your questions concerning damage and theft

  • Is the bike insured?

    The bike is not automatically insured. However, there is a possibility to ensure your bike. “Carefree on the road” for only 16% of the total rental price!
    Check the insurance policy
    please note: if the bicycle is stolen, a report must be made at the police station. You also still need to have the bicycle key.
  • What happens when a rental bike breaks down during the rental period?

    Our bikes are well maintained and the risk of breakdown is therefore very low. Should the unexpected happen on your way, please give us a call and we will (during our opening hours and within our route map) replace the bike as soon as possible.
  • What happens when a rental bike is damaged during the rental period?

    Of course, a bicycle is a tool, but major damage such as curved wheels, curved frame, etc. which is obviously caused by improper use, will be charged.
  • What happens if the bike gets stolen?

    When you lock your bike, the chance is very small that the bike gets stolen. Whenever this still might happen and you are not insured you have to pay the value of the bike. In any case you need to report the theft to the police.
  • Delivery

    Answers to all you want to know about delivering

  • What are the costs for bike delivery?

    The bicycles can be delivered. The costs of this may differ due to the number of bicycles and the distance. For the costs for your number of bikes and distance, please contact us.
  • When do you deliver?

    We usually deliver the bikes in the morning between 10 AM and 12 PM. But should you require a different time of delivery, please contact us for the possibilities.
  • How to arrange a bike delivery?

    The easiest way to get your bikes delivered, is to reserve online. You can also call or send an email.
  • Where do you deliver?

    We deliver bikes everywhere throughout the Netherlands. Please contact us for a quotation.
  • Rent-a-Bike van Dam App

    Answers to questions concerning the Rent-a-Bike van Dam App

  • What are the costs for renting a bike with the Rent-a-Bike van Dam app?

    The costs are €5,- per hour with a maximum of €15,- per day. An electric bicycle is €9,- per hour with a maximum of €27.50 per day.
    Note: 1 day is 24 hours (this is only in the application). For example, if you pick up the bike at 4:20 PM, you must return the bike the next day before 4:20 PM, otherwise, an extra day will be charged.
  • Can I open several bikes at the same time?

    Yes, you can open up to 6 bikes at the same time.
  • Where can I download the Rent-a-Bike van Dam app?

    You can download the Rent-a-Bike van Dam app for your smartphone on both Apple and Android devices.
    Download from the App Store (iOS)
    Download from Google Play (Android)
  • How do I sign up?

    After downloading the Rent-a-Bike van Dam App, tap ‘Sign Up’. Enter your email address, password and name. Tap the ‘Sign Up button’.
    Check your email inbox for the verification email. Click the link in the email to verify your email address. Return to the app and tap ‘Refresh’ to continue.
  • What if I haven’t received a verification mail?

    Check your inbox and spam folders. Double-check if you used the correct email address or made a typo.
  • How do I set up the payment?

    If you are ready to rent a bike, tap on the parking spot. The app will ask you to set up payment. The payment provider requires a €0,10 payment setup fee.
    Enter your bank or credit card details and confirm by paying the €0,10 setup fee. After every ride, we will charge your account automatically.
  • How do I reserve a bike?

    Tap the parking spot marked on the map. Tap ‘Reserve a Bike’ to make a reservation. The reservation will be valid for 20 minutes.
  • How do I know if there is a bike available?

    Before arriving at the parking spot, check the app for available bikes. Tap ‘Reserve a Bike’ to claim one of the bikes. The bike will be waiting for you for 20 minutes.
  • How do I start a ride?

    Choose a bike from the parking spot you want to use. The Bike ID can be found at the back and front of the bike. Tap ‘Select a Bike’ and enter the Bike ID of your desired bike. Always enter all four digits.
    After entering all four digits the button turns green. Tap ‘Unlock & Start Ride’ to start your ride.
  • How do I pause a ride?

    During your ride, you might want to lock the bike while you temporarily leave your bike behind. Tap the orange button in the app ‘Lock & Pause Ride’ or press the button on the side of the lock and push down the orange lever on the lock to lock the bike.

    Always double check if the lock is closed successfully.
  • How do I unlock the bike and continue my ride?

    When you want to continue your ride, return to your bike and open the app. Tap the green button ‘Unlock’ to connect to the lock and open it.
  • How do I end my ride?

    Return to the parking spot where you picked up the bike. When your phone’s GPS confirms you arrived at the parking spot, the orange button turns red. Tap ‘Lock & End Ride’ and push down on the orange lever on the lock.

    Confirm in the app if the lock is closed correctly.
  • Can I only lock the bike at a parking spot?

    No, you can lock the bike anywhere. However, locking the bike outside a parking spot will keep it connected to your account. The ride is paused. To end your ride, you have to return the bike to the parking spot where you picked up the bike and securely lock the bike.
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